What Sort of Dress Should You Wear to a Wedding?

Dresses are pretty much the standard item for a wedding guest, but getting the right look can be quite tricky. Save yourself time and potential embarrassment by consulting the handy tips on this topic we’ve compiled just for you.

Tip1 – Ask If There Is a Dress Code

Not all couples will mention this, but if they do then it’s good to know that:

– Black tie means longer-length or cocktail dresses.
– White tie means royal wedding level.
– Formal means a prettier version of a dress you may wear to an important job interview.
– Semi-formal means a pretty maxi with flat boots or sandals will work fine.
– Casual – this doesn’t mean a bottom-skimming mini, but a less fitted dress will work fine.

Tip 2 – Take Note of the Time/Month When the Wedding Will Take Place

In general daytime weddings are less formal. The season will play a part too, making velvet, wool and other heavier materials in richer colours more suitable for cooler months, leaving wedding guest dresses in brighter prints and flimsier dresses for spring and summer. You should find plenty to choose from on a website such as https://www.axparis.com/collections/wedding-guest-dresses.

Tip 3 – Look at Where the Ceremony Will Be Held

For weddings held in religious buildings it’s best to avoid dresses with bare arms (or wear a shawl). Don’t forget to dress for the temperature too. Churches are notoriously cool, even in warm weather months. Destination weddings are getting more popular, so wear a dress which allows for sand-kind shoes made from material which isn’t likely to stay wet all day should it get splashed.

Dresses Which Are Always a No-No

– Anything 100% white.
– Overly lacy numbers, especially white lace. Try dark lace instead.
– Unfashionably short (it’s best to make just above the knee the absolute shortest you ever go).
– Lots of cleavage.
– Silk dresses or any other material you know will crease terribly.
Denim, even if it is not the traditional blue.
– Anything which looks like it could be underwear!
– A dress that you feel uncomfortable in. If you buy a brand new outfit, wear it to check you can walk, move, dance and sit down in it and that there’s enough give for you to eat without feeling restricted.