The importance of emergency restoration

Restoration is when something damaged is brought back to its normal and former condition. Whenever disaster strikes, it causes damage to life and property. Its source can be in any form like that from outside such as earthquake, flood, storm, hurricane. Or the damage can be from inside the property like burst pipe, discharging sewage, mold and mildew or fire and smoke.

After all these kinds of problems, the damage to property like homes, buildings and offices, puts you in a psychological and financial dilemma. After the root cause of the damage has been controlled, the destruction it leaves behind needs to be addressed, assessed, repaired and restored as soon as possible.

The need for this emergency restoration can be understood by the fact that the earlier you start damage control, the lesser its consequences would be and the more things would be saved. So, time is very important in this case and it should not be wasted.

As soon as you call the nearest restoration company after an event like this, they arrive at the scene and after the cause has been controlled, they first of all assess the damage. Then they make a plan on what to do and how to do it. They always keep you informed about everything and discuss with you before implementing their plan. They make an estimate of the cost and tell you everything in detail.

You cannot do this yourself if you don’t have any experience in this field, the appropriate equipment and the man power required for this kind of work. So, it is better to contact the professionals for emergency restoration.

Emergency restoration is necessary in damages to property done by water, fire and smoke especially because in case of water damage, it takes just two to three days for the mold to grow if the furniture and carpeting has not been cleansed and dried properly. Damp carpets are a source for mold and mildew and many harmful microorganisms to germinate their spores and multiply rapidly. So, water damage requires emergency repair, drying, cleansing, dehumidifying and mostly deodorizing also.

In case of fire and smoke, after the fire has been extinguished, the soot on the structure is new and it can be cleansed quickly and thoroughly if the cleaning process is started as soon as possible. The smoke leaves a bad odor which can become permanently etched in the property, furniture and fabrics of carpets and curtains if it is not dealt with in due time. So, they need to be deodorized as soon as possible. Also, smoke in air has chemicals that can be harmful for one’s health. These harmful chemicals can bond with moisture to make acids that would be harmful for health if inhaled. So, this type of damage requires professional work of air blasting, steam cleaning and pressure washing.

If the damage to property is due to sewage discharging, you would not want to do the cleaning as it can be very disgusting. The emergency restoration can be done by experienced professionals who know what they are doing and remove the waste materials. They would thoroughly cleanse your property, decontaminate it and restore it to its previous state.