Overview of Weather in Manchester

One of the top visited cities in the world is Manchester. The reason being it has a rich mix of the upbeat vibe of urban life, picturesque outdoors and rich architectural heritage. Additionally, you can experience the local flavor at one of the various locations of this city like the Castlefields, Deansgate and Chinatown. You may also visit the cultural sites like neo-Gothic Town Hall, the glorious Royal Exchange theatre, the Palace Hotel and the Central Library. However, for planning an ideal trip to this city you need to understand the weather in Manchester, as it plays a huge role in the day-to-day functions of the residents there. UK is known for its erratic and fickle weather conditions, but this city is considered amongst the more stable locations as compared to the other cities. Although, it is likely that you experience a sudden wave of cold or shows of rain on a seemingly warm, sunny day. Hence, you need to be updated with the weather forecast in this city. Mentioned below are seasonal variations, which will help you plan your trip better.

Winter Winters in this city are usually not particularly harsh; thus, you will find a truly festive vibe here as to mark the advent of the holiday season. A typical winter day in the city will have an average temperature of around five to ten degree Celsius; hence, warm clothes are recommended. In the night, you can experience snow with temperatures dropping below zero degrees Celsius, coving the entire city in a beautiful white sheet. Spring For all countries in the temperate zone, spring season brings freshness and colors with it. In Manchester, the westerly winds get warmth and sunshine making the overall weather pleasant and ideal for travelling. But just like the forecast of London weather, you can expect light snow and rain this time of the year. Summer This is the best time to visit Manchester, as the temperatures keep soaring March to mid October. The average daily summer temperature is around 20 degree Celsius, but during a heat wave you might even experience 30 degree Celsius in the day. Rainfall is rare but not unheard of this time of the year; hence it is best to keep an umbrella handy.

Autumn The warmth of summer extends till autumn before slowly fading into winter; hence this time is equally good for the first time tourists. However, it is recommended that you pack warm clothes in case the temperatures drop. Apart from these weather guidelines, it is ideal to check the long range as well as the hourly weather forecast in this city, to enjoy it to the fullest.