Uber Allows It’s User To Rate Their Driver In Mid- Trip

The ultimate lane for sorting out the customer-oriented flaws is through ratings and reviews. Instantly one can acknowledge about the service. Which helps to tweak their process and explore more. Considering the importance of this rating process Uber has changed the process of rating service. Even if you want to follow the Uber procedure to inaugurate your taxi service business then the major need is Uber clone script, Choose that wisely. Many would have this experience, After reaching the destination one needs to unload the luggage, dispatch the payment and have to rate the app. At times this might leads to hazy ratings and sometimes user might skip the rating options. Yet Uber is keen on listening and improvising it’s work on the exemplary reviewing process.

Uber allows to rate in the Mid-ride The user are requested to rate their driver based on the trip experience. Also initiates to comment about the service.Generally the riders rating is calculated on the average of their last 500 rides and if it is less than 500 then rating is calculated from the sum of their total rides. If the overall rating is below 4.6 then the drivers are advisable to take up the course regarding to provide better service. On account of all the characteristic Uber enables the rider to rate and compliment about the experience of the ride on their traverse. Importantly this is not obligate feature. One can share their thoughts regarding the trip according to the user’s convenience. Eventually Uber has planned to celebrate the best service Uber drivers on the coming months. This changes in the rating might help the Uber to know about the drivers that provide great service and also helps to improvise their service. This rating changes is available only for riders. Because months before when Uber introduced this mid trip rating options for drivers. Felt that this might muddle the ride and eventually steer some conflicts. So this feature is entitled only for the riders.

As stated earlier the atmost requirement to configure all the Uber features and to commence a business one needs to choose the best Uber clone script that is easily customizable and reliable.