5 Secrets to Delivering Improved Customer Experience in an Omni-channel Environment

Over the last few years, the way companies handle customer service has drastically changed. While just over a decade ago phone or fax were the only two ways you could contact a company. Today, you have a plethora of options – phone, text, email, live chat, social media. The challenge, therefore, for companies today is to be able to be accessible on all channels while providing a consistent and improved customer experience. To meet the increasing demands of customers, companies need a solution to aid in synchronizing data between channels such that it is consistent and interconnected. An omni-channel environment serves to provide those experiences. By leveraging the full potential of an omni-channel you can adjust and improve your customer service. And happy customers result in sustained company growth and more profits. So, here are 5 tips to help you grow:

1. Master the Digital Digital customer experiences across various touchpoints – websites, apps – are extremely important as they help you differentiate and drive revenue growth. People are extremely reliant on mobile phones these days, which is why it makes sense to for them to seek customer services on their devices. People often complain about the negative customer experiences they have on mobile. From slow loading times to a lack of relevant information, companies are losing out to the competition who provide a wholesome customer service on mobile. Banks, for instance, have found mobile texting to be the perfect channel for them to constantly interact with their clients. Incorporating a live chat feature on websites and apps that puts the customer in direct contact with a customer service representative is one way to go. Delivering prompt responses and addressing queries immediately will go a long way in improving customer satisfaction, ultimately driving sales. digital-customer-experiences 2. Leverage Social Media Social media can prove to be an amazing customer service tool to help improve customer experience. However, the problem is that companies often fail to understand the customer’s expectations when it comes to providing service through this platform. The easiest and quickest way to master this domain is to improve your response time. There’s a gap between when customers expect a response, having initiated contact and by when they get an answer. Ignoring social media communications or failing to expedite your response time can result in increased churn rates due to customer frustration. It is, therefore, important to train employees to provide swift and effective solutions on social media to provide positive customer experiences. A happy customer can only result in improved sales. 3. Emails still lead

Although they have been around since the dawn of the internet and there are multiple other channels available now, emails still work brilliantly. Ingrained in corporate communications, even today they prove to be the most effective digital marketing strategy when it comes to retention rates. As it is with social media, the rule of quick replies applies to emails as well. It’s important always to answer customers when they contact you. A failure on your part to do so will lead to customers taking their business elsewhere. Even if you’re not able to provide them with a solution immediately, it’s important to inform them that you’re working on it. Small things like these show your customers that you care and acknowledge them. It helps earn you some much valuable goodwill in the form of trust and loyalty. To read more follow this link: https://goo.gl/YppQWZ