Scottish restaurants feel the pinch from Brexit

Restaurateurs are worried about the future after Brexit and many restaurants in Scotland are already feeling the pinch as people stop spending as much on eating out. The hospitality sector in Scotland is suffering with around a fifth of restaurants reporting losses of earnings.

The recent SLTA review

A recent review by the Scottish Licensed Trade Association (SLTA) has discovered that 17% of restaurants surveyed out of the 500 reported a downturn in reservations from the public, as well as a loss of staff.

Previous reports have predicted a 40% loss of staff after Brexit due to the large number of foreign workers staffing the restaurant and hospitality industry. Indeed many businesses are concerned about the future migration system post-Brexit, which could make it hard to recruit workers from the EU.

Pubs and restaurants are key employers of people from the EU so it is likely there will be some loss of staff across the industry after Brexit. This can be a serious issue as many outlets have invested time and money into training the staff who will now be leaving.

Rural restaurants are hardest hit

One is seven restaurants are in serious trouble and in rural areas the problem is even worse, with 21% of outlets reporting some financial and staffing losses. However, it is not all gloomy because 59% of outlets are growing or stable and by the end of this year, that figure is expected to rise to 66% of restaurants.

One way to guard against dramatic losses after Brexit is to make sure restaurants have high-quality equipment. For example, ovens, kitchen accessories, fridges and freezers should be assessed and replaced if necessary. A good glass door refrigerator can last many years and provide great service for all types of restaurant. A glass door refrigerator is a good investment and worth the initial outlay if it is of high quality.

Kitchen equipment as an investment

By choosing excellent quality kitchen equipment, restaurants can offset some of the losses of staff turnover from Brexit. This is because even after the UK leaves the EU, people will still want to eat out and go drinking so restaurants and pubs will still be in demand from the public. Top quality equipment ensures good performance and repeat customers, which will help business to weather the storm of Brexit.